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Daunting task, isn't it? Almost like choosing a life partner just possibly more expensive and tough to find a good one. A crying shame considering how much it can do for your organisation by unlocking more value in your staff and processes.

Let's fix that.

In all fairness it is a somewhat complicated field. That's why we're simplifying it without technical jargon, industry buzzwords and more importantly, by using simple transparent rates. Without any further ado, let's jump right in.
Web applications
business. improved

But first, the tech. The year is 2022 and business applications are moving to the cloud, where any good application belong. Gone are the days of having to connect to a VPN to access an archaic desktop application hidden somewhere behind layers of frustration. Or wondering how you'll access it when you find yourself only having a mobile device handy. With improved user experience designs, better visual interfaces and substantially increased performance, what's not to fall in love with?

No VPN, no remote desktop, no drama.

Increased efficiency

Web apps allow automating a process and decrease human error. Furthermore, they allow for streamlining of processes making it easier to manage everything and get more tasks done quickly.

Round-the-Clock Accessibility

Customers can access information about a business and take necessary actions anytime. Easily accessible 24/7 from both desktop and mobile since they're accessed through web browsers.

Enhanced Cybersecurity

Web applications store your data safely in the cloud. If the hardware is damaged, you will only need to know your web address, username, and password to log into a system from any desktop or mobile device connected to the Internet and get your e-business back instantly.

Almost Zero Downtime

Cloud allows for fall back onto backups in the very unlikely event of hardware failure. Most modern web apps operate on shared hosting services, implying that users should pay according to their usage maintained by hosting service providers. All this ensures almost zero downtime.

Easy-to-Customize & Scale

Adding more processing resources to a cloud environment is as easy as pressing a button. Since a web app is a web-based solution and is rendered from there to the end user's device it is easy to release new features.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Web apps are a less expensive solution because they can perfectly run on different devices. Unlike in native apps, there is no need to build apps separately for all the OS and devices. You only need to make a web app responsive to make it cross-platform compatible at the same time

The Development Process

Well that sounds dandy, but will I have to sell a kidney to afford this? Fair question and likely the first thing you're thinking about when it comes to software solutions. So let's elaborate on this process.

1The First Date
- how exciting.
We meet up over Teams and have a brief but thorough discussion about what exactly your requirements are. This round is on us.
2Free Estimate
- we said we'd call.
We provide a no-strings attached guestimate figure for what the project will cost. This is not a firm quote and may change upon further learnings. Though we endevour to get as close as possible to the real thing.
3So We Have Chemistry?
3So We Have
- can you hear the wedding bells?
If our estimate tickles your fancy, we dedicate a two hour workshop to identify your exact requirement with as much details as possible. We then draft a full technical specification document and charge a fee of 4 hours. R2,320-00 Excl.
4The Technical Spec Document
4The Technical Spec
- cards on the table.
The technical specification document holds all the required info to kickstart the project. From every possible cost implication, delivery dates, to the tech that will be used and security measures implemented. Click below to view the full list of items.
This document consists of:
  1. A thoroughly detailed client requirement.
  2. Detailed and itemised cost breakdown.
  3. Full project scope, development timelines, delivery dates, etc.
  4. Breakdown of technologies to be used.
  5. Hosting breakdown. Server specification, geographic location, security measures implemented to keep your and your clients’ information as safe as possible.
  6. Deposits payable, monthly fees applicable.
  7. Deliverables breakdown.
  8. Stages of the phased approach if applicable.
  9. This document can be used to as a client requirement technical specification to obtain quotes from competing development companies.
The compulsory part where we brag about tech we're great at that almost no client cares about...
  • HTML5, CSS, SASS 100% 100%
  • JavaScript 100% 100%
  • PHP 98% 98%
  • C# 100% 100%
  • VB.Net 96% 96%
  • SQL 99% 99%
  • Java 93% 93%
  • TypeScript 99% 99%
  • Cordova 8 93% 93%
  • Ionic 2 100% 100%
Learning New Tech
  • R 93% 93%
  • Python 99% 99%
  • Angular 1+2 93% 93%
  • Vue 97% 97%
  • React 97% 97%
  • Objective C 95% 95%
  • Swift 99% 99%
  • XCode 100% 100%
  • Android Studio 100% 100%
  • Web API 98% 98%

In short, we have various tools and a diverse skillset honed to solve your problem. For a portfolio of our recent projects, kindly click below.

  • 01

    FabricFour Learning

    A bespoke online learning platform. Effortlessly create, manage and deploy online learning environments for your business with this powerful, user-friendly learning management system.

  • 02

    FabricFour Legal

    A feature rich software suite to manage your organisation's legals and documents within a single, secure software environment. Including a range of powerful tools and on-demand experts.

  • 03

    Self-Service in Retail

    A series of self-service applications developed for Vodacom. Deployed in stores nationwide. These devices facilitae account payments, data and airtime sales, electricity sales, traffic fine payments, etc. Fully integrated with card payment devices.

  • 04

    Sherlock Debt Collection

    Making difficult conversations easy through digital-first debt collection. Sherlock is revolutionising debt collection in South Africa by introducing a digitally efficient and customer-centric solution.

  • 05

    Leads management

    Fully fletched lead generation software that gather and manage leads from social media- and online marketing campaigns. Safely store and forward to clients.

More bragging but
this time a list of
high profile clients...
More bragging but this time a list of
high profile clients...

You'll find yourself in tremendous company